The War Z: first in-game footage


Uhhhhh, oops…made a wrong turn.

Earlier, IGN released their first gaming experience of the much-anticipated MMO Zombie title, The War Z. Clearly the footage is still in the alpha stage—footage has low-quality picture and off-sync sound—but it’s exciting none the less! While we still wait for the first zombie MMO to be released, we’re now given the chance to look at some features, customization, and landscape of the game.

Though the footage is only seven minutes long, I found the amount of detail and thought put into all the different aspects of what you can carry in order to survive impressive. The guns have accurate attachments and the melee weapons and tools to make them are interesting. One feature I was very happy about was the MGS4-like ability to crawl around in multiple ways and with smooth transition. Now, while I’m not much of a PC pro, this whole game intrigues the hell out of me. I’m usually too concerned with becoming addicted to play MMO games, but The War Z has really caught my eye.

Watch the first of three videos of IGN’s gameplay below, and you can go here if two minutes isn’t enough for you. And don’t forget that if you pre-order the game, you’ll get access to that closed beta everyone’s dying to get their hands on. Are you prepared for the infestation?


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