Ubisoft means monkey business with Far Cry 3’s latest pre-order bonus


Ubisoft have announced a pre-order bonus for their upcoming sandbox adction adventure game Far Cry 3.

If you pre-order the game through GameStop for the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360, you’ll get the chance to meet a new character called Hurk, along with his little explosive strapped chimp friends. The bonus pack will add to the game’s single-player component by giving you four bonus missions to play through. It’ll also add to the game’s multi-player by giving you two more ways to kill your enemies, using Hurk’s army of explosive monkeys.

Ubisoft have released a trailer for the Monkey Business bonus pack, narrated by a guy with probably the most annoying voice you’ll ever hear. Ever.

Far Cry 3 hits stores on December 4th 2012.



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