Aventurine announces Darkfall sequel

Aventurine have announced Darkfall: Unholy Wars, a sequel to their 2009 MMORPG Darkfall.

Darkfall is a fantasy MMORPG that takes place in the immense fictional world of Agon.  Players can choose from one of six playable races, and forge a name for themselves within the games evolving dynamic world though PVP combat and PVE challenges.

Aventurine promise great improvements to the game’s visuals and audio

The developers promise that the sequel will include all of the features that made their previous title stand out, like large PVP battles and clan warfare, along with revamped visuals, audio and animations to make the game as immersive and captivating as possible. Unholy Wars will also include a new “Role and School” system. You’ll be able to choose between developing along a single path of combat specialization, or combining various areas of specialization to create a devastating and versatile warrior. The user interface has been worked on to make combat a much more streamlined experience for the player.

The developers have released an announcement video in which they delve into a few details regarding the game’s development.

Darkfall: Unholy Wars will be available for PC via digital download on November 20th 2012.

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