End of Nations final closed beta event coming soon. Goodies included!

Trion Worlds have announced that the final closed beta event for their upcoming MMORTS game End of Nations will kick off on October 4th at 4:00pm and end on October 8th at 5:00pm. Your guess is as good as mine regarding which time-zone they’re referring to, as they haven’t really mentioned anything in that regard. The good news is there’s a countdown on the official website to help you out with that.

If you took part in previous closed beta events, the upcoming one will allow you to try out some new features and maps. It’ll include a new map called “Full Boar”, a couple of PvE coop missions, along with a massive 56 player map entitled “Deep Freeze”. There’s also good news if you’re not familiar with the game, as this beta event will include a training mission to introduce you to the basics.

Taking part in this beta event will also grant you 500 in-game promotional credits to spend once the full game is out later this year. Trion Worlds will also be lifting the Non-Disclosure Agreement, which means you’ll be able to brag about your online battles to your friends.

Register for the final End of Nations closed beta event right here.


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