TGS 2012: New MGR: Revengeance story trailer and boss screenshots!

IGN: “Metal Gear Rising is Insane, Intelligent, Awesome”


The Tokyo Game Show has been flooded with fans this year, and for good reasons. And this is one of them. Earlier this morning, IGN released footage from the floor at TGS after Caleb Lawson finished playing the official demo. He had nothing but good things to say about the newest Metal Gear installment and even went so far as to try and cool the heels of fans who are raging to know where exactly the “Metal Gear” of this epic series fits in with the storyline.


Whereas we only get less than a minute of actual footage from his chance at the game, you can definitely see where the MGS feel can come into play. Obviously with it being a Platinum Games title things will feel different as far as pacing on the battlefield, but how else would you want a powerful biotic ninja game to feel? I can’t help but still feel nervous about this whole story moving past Snake—I mean, c’mon, we’ve been playing as him for over two decades—but I am starting to feel a bit more confident on this title. The events take place four years after the ending of Guns of the Patriots and I think, from what I’ve seen, that they have done a good job on keeping the world-feel the same.


But decide for yourself! Below I present you with the official Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance story trailer. If that isn’t enough for you then head on over to watch Lawson’s interview and get IGN’s take on this morning’s demo gameplay. And lastly, if that still can’t appease your mental tastebuds, then head over to examine the latest screenshots to look at the bosses you will soon learn to hate. Enjoy the next six minutes of your life, because this story trailer is intense!


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