Medal of Honor Warfighter multiplayer beta hits this October, Linkin Park approves

Danger Close Games announced that Medal of Honor Warfighter will have a multiplayer beta this October exclusively for Xbox 360. Available worldwide, this multiplayer beta features a head-to-head game mode where gamers play as the elite special forces of their nation and battle it out to see who is top dog, as well as the game mode HotSpot where players attack and defend random locations on the Sarajevo Stadium map in Bosnia.

Additionally, players who download the beta will receive 60 minutes of double XP when the full game launches, and if 3 million copies of the beta are downloaded, gamers will unlock Linkin Park’s “CASTLE OF GLASS” music video early. The “CASTLE OF GLASS” music video is the result of direct collaboration between Danger Close Games and Linkin Park, and features live action footage edited with gameplay.

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