Cyber monster CBT over, OBT testing starts tomorrow!

What’s up faithful That VideoGame Blog fans!?  We have some exciting news about NGames browser based MMORPG Cyber Monster!  The closed beta is now over and they completed pressure testing yesterday, thus the launch of the open beta starting tomorrow.  Since the release of the closed beta, has decreed that the games population has exceeded 30,000 players.

For those of you who don’t know about Cyber Monster (what’s wrong with you?!) it is a very traditional style of RPG, with some beautiful graphics.  It is a fantasy based story line in the European middle ages.  Basically a Shadow Dragon has awakened after 100 years and is spreading evil shards throughout the land; it’s up to our heroes to fulfill the prophecy.  There are four classes to pick from, two of which can only be male and two of which can only be female.  For the manly men you can be a Warrior or Mage.  For the lovely females you can be a Priest or a Ranger.  Obviously they have their strengths and weaknesses but each class is synonymous with each other and develop a core team.



This browser RPG looks great for free I mean they really did a good job.  It’s very intricate, you can set up marriages, enhance and dismantle your weapons, raise pets, ride on mounts, set up kingdoms.  It’s set to be very promising in the field.  As for the combat, again, very traditional.  It really reminded me of Super Mario RPG‘s combat.  You see an enemy, you walk into him or her (or vice versa) and the combat sequence starts.  From there it’s a turn based fight to ze death!  Of course there are bosses and loot, what RPG doesn’t have great booty?  (I’m not talking about the priest, c’mon guys.)  Great work NGames, we look forward to the open beta launching tomorrow!

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