Splinter Cell Blacklist will give Sam back his Fifth Freedom


Looks like Sam Fisher is back to his usual ways. Today Ubisoft has released a new trailer for Splinter Cell: Blacklist and Sam has gained a powerful ally since his last outing.

The trailer shows Sam in all sorts of sticky situations but one scene has our hero talking to the President of the United States and she is giving him his Fifth Freedom status back. For the uninitiated the Fifth Freedom is like the Splinter Cell version of having “00” status. You can break all the laws you want as long as your doing so to protect the United States.

Interesting of note in this trailer is the motion capture work being showed off.  Ubisoft Toronto the developers of Blacklist announced a huge motion capture studio earlier this month and we are starting to see some of the results of that work. Ubisoft Toronto is a new studio in the Ubisoft family and Blacklist is the first game they are making.

Checkout the trailer Below and let me know how you feel about the direction Ubisoft Toronto is taking the Splinter Cell franchise.