Assemble the heroes in the new demo for Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth, out today!

Starting today, a demo for Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth is available to download worldwide for Xbox Live Gold members, and will be available in one week for all members. I decided to try it out for a few bouts, and it actually seems fun, in that ‘if you play with your friends or family’ sort of way that Kinect games often have.

This demo gives you the powerful team up of the incredible Hulk and the mighty Thor to battle the Skrull versions of Captain America and Magneto in a best of three fight. The game looks pretty good visually, though it won’t be winning any awards on that count. The bright colorĀ pallet and clean lines makes the game look ripped from the pages of a comic. TheĀ game play itself seems a little more methodical than most Kinect fighters, which usually devolve into a flurry of wild and awkward arm flailing. In fact, the game seemingly punishes you for wild movements, while rewarding timing and strategic blows. This is a welcome change to this type of games and may prove to be its greatest asset. Overall the game is fun, but it feels like it could get old quickly. At the very least it’s worth a small bit of your time. Go try it out on the Xbox Live Marketplace.