GungHo Online Entertainment of America established

The Japanese publisher GungHo Online Entertainment has announced they have opened a North America branch for the company titled, ‘GungHo Online Entertainment America‘. GungHo Online Entertainment America have already announced plans to bring two titles to North America in the future.

1. Dokuro (Playstation Vita) – This is a puzzle game with action elements that allow you to touch the front and rear panels of the Vita in order to transform by taking the form of different characters with a multitude of skills and abilities. The game is scheduled to release in October 2012.

2. Picotto Knights (Playstation Vita) – This is a beat ’em up style action RPG which has something known as a ‘Ghost‘ system, as well as social elements, involved and allows players to invite their friends’ avatars to form parties at any given time, even if their friend is offline! This title is scheduled to release early 2013.

You can check out the official website below to keep up with the latest news regarding localization efforts to help bring these highly innovative titles to you!

GungHo Online