Find that missing link to Pokemon Black and White

The newest feature has been announced for the upcoming sequels to Pokemon Black and White (aptly named Black and White 2, because why not?).  Called Memory Link, it  that allows you to connect the sequel to it’s predecessor. How does this work? Is it witchcraft? Absolutely not my friends, just a simple selection of a menu option when you press start. From there you can either do the old-school method of using two DSs (DS’s? DSie?) or just register your data from the first game on Pokemon Global Link. Do not fear this unworldly technology, as the previous Pokemon games allowed you to transfer your allies from previous Game Boy Advance entries to your DS games. That is unless you bought the DSi, because then you would be SOL.

Using Memory Link can not only give you memories from the first game (which include numerous side-missions for you to complete), but also N’s Pokemon and more battles with your rivals. Sure, it may not seem like much, but if it adds some extra hours to your gameplay, it’s worth the effort. This is important however, you must have completed the story of the original, of course this also means you would have to have beaten the Elite 4.

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Pokemon Black and White 2 is scheduled for release on Oct. 7, 2012 for the Nintendo DS and also playable in 2D mode on the 3DS. If you haven’t seen the trailer then check it out below for all of the game’s new features.


Image credit:     Video credit: AttemptedHeadshotDS