Achievements just got Rewarding!

Hey kids! Do you like Xbox Live?! (“Yeah!”) Do you like achievements?! (“Yeah!”) Well I got something great to tell you! (“What is it Zach?”) Xbox Live Rewards is going to start rewarding you for your individual Gamerscores (“About time!”)! Now how does this work you may ask? Well, if you are a Xbox Live Gold member and a subscriber to Xbox Live Rewards, you are eligible for the benefits they will offer.

The concept is simple: Depending on your Gamerscore, you are classified under three different categories; 3,000-9,999 makes you a Contender,  10,000-24,999 makes you a Champion, and 25,000+ makes you a Legend. Being a Contender has the benefit of getting a gift on your birthday (that has a sweet retail value of $25), and you might have to fight Apollo Creed. Being a Champion qualifies you to get a 1% rebate on any purchase, while being a Legend gives you a 2% rebate on any purchase. On top of all of this, you get discounts on select content, and everyone loves discounts. Sure, it may not seem like those are impressive numbers, but those kind of things add up over time and will give you the opportunity to buy yourself a new game, DLC or some fresh duds for your avatar. The important thing is though, is that Microsoft is finally having our long hours of achievement hunting pay off, so get to gaming!


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