There’s Panic in Paradise with the latest Naughty Bear release

505 games have announced that Naughty Bear: Panic in Paradise will be hitting PSN and Xbox LIVE Arcade on October 10th.

The game lets you go on a murderous rampage as a lunatic Teddy Bear, and takes place in 11 locations. 505 were also ballsy enough to announce the release of 12 DLC packs, which will include some new weapons, ultra-kills and costumes, to let you satisfy your maniacal needs.

As insensitive as the announcement of 12 DLC packs may be, 505 said they’ll be releasing them over the course of three months following the game’s release. Three months is a pretty narrow window for 12 content packs, but at least we know they won’t be flooding us with a ton of extra content the day of release.



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