Indie RPG Legends of Dawn looking for support on both Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight

Aurofinity and Dreamatrix have launched a recent Kickstarter campaign to support their indie RPG title Legends of Dawn. The developers have also taken to the Steam Greenlight Community for support as it pushes through for a release date that looks to be set around February 2013. The title will only be available on PC, but it looks like you can not only obtain it digitally but also as a boxed version for those of you who like your hard copies.

After watching the introductory video to the game, my initial impressions were good. This is an open world RPG that takes some pages from classic Dungeons & Dragons adventures, and appears very reminiscent to titles like Neverwinter Nights and Dragon Age. While most open world RPGs seem to be first-person or third-person over the shoulder style, the isometric style is a welcome approach to the formula. While it is hard to tell how truly open this game is, the map looks very large and filled with plenty to explore. Graphics are simple, which as our “enthusiastic” video host informs us, they decided that the focus was on gameplay, not to mention the constraints of a relatively small group tackling what appears to be a very large game. Characters are not restricted to classes, but playing styles, so mage warriors are definitely playable, and can be altered as you see fit, even after pouring hours into the game.

Legends of Dawn also has a very detailed crafting mechanic that will allow you to craft nearly limitless combinations of items, food and spells. Only 3 playable races (human, elf, and danian) are available to play, and no mention as to whether this number will expand, but the gameplay elements and crafting customization will most likely be the main focus of your character’s persona. Legends of Dawn also contains hundreds of unique locales to discover, with 3 major cites based on the race who live there.

With the game nearly finished, what the heck do they need $25,000 for? Voice-overs and plug-in licenses. This seems steep for $25K, but then again, I am no game developer, and therefore have no idea of how much these cost. I am guessing studio time and mixing/engineering would be the main culprits. But hey, it allows you to get in on the action at a discount if you decide to to back them on Kickstarter. Aurofinity and Dreamatrix have also built in goals for funding that goes beyond the current goal. Hit $80K, and they tools used to create the game will be released for modders to enjoy. $150K will give Legends of Dawn multiplayer capability.

For more info on Legends of Dawn, visit Feel like getting in on the Kickstarter campaign? Check out their official campaign page, offering some pretty nifty rewards for those willing to donate.