Demon’s Souls and its outrageous difficulty heading to PSN on January 8th

Today, Atlus announced that its award-winning game Demon’s Souls (which is known to many as the 11th circle of hell) is coming to the PSN next week, January 8th. For $20, players can experience this magical fantasy adventure and fight off various demons, dragons, and monsters, alone or with friends! Regardless of whether they go solo or not, gamers will die repeatedly and wonder how a game this maddeningly difficult can be so good and fun to play. For those that don’t play well with others and don’t want to help destroy the gigantic bosses EVEN THOUGH WE NEED THE HELP DESPERATELY, there is always the option to force your way into another player’s game and fight them head-to-head. The best part is that you can leave hints for other players by fighting battles and dying in various gruesome ways; other warriors can watch replays of how you were skewered and learn how to avoid a similar fate themselves (your blood will lead them on the path to victory!).

To celebrate this momentous occasion, Atlus is hosting a week-long event from January 8th to January 14th and changing the game’s servers to Pure White. This makes Demon’s Souls easier by increasing the damage the player inflicts upon enemies while simultaneously making enemies weaker by lowering their health, attack, and defense. Enemies will drop more healing items, as well. This Pure White occurrence doesn’t happen often, so players can learn the basics of Demon’s Souls for a week before getting their asses handed to them. Gamers should also be on the lookout for new areas and characters to interact with, though they will have to take the time to explore and find them on their own.

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