Nintendo Download for This Week

Nintendo has released their downloadable content for this week that gamers can pick up from their respective systems. This week is a bit of a slow one and only features games for the Nintendo 3DS or DSi. Here is a quick recap of what gamers can pick up today and what they can expect from the game:

One of the games made available today is a Nintendo 3DS game called Unchained Blades. You will move around in first-person view with classic turn based combat game where the protagonist, Fang, must make his way through living temples known as Titans to reach his goal of exacting revenge on the Goddess Clunea.

The second is another Nintendo 3DS game called Code of Princess. This game mixes arcade side-scrolling, with fighting game play and RPG aspects. The game allows for up to four players to play either cooperatively or against one another and they can do so locally or online.

There is another Nintendo 3DS release available today and it is called Gunman Clive. This Western takes place in the year 18xx where the west is ruled by thugs and outlaws. The mayor’s daughter has been taken and you are charged with the task of getting her back. This side-scrolling platformer game is equipped with 3D graphics.

There are three other games released today and they are:

• Air Battle Hockey 3D (Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS)
• Galaxy Saver (Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS / Nintendo DSi Shop on Nintendo DSi)
• Snowboard Xtreme(Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS / Nintendo DSi Shop on Nintendo DSi)

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