Grand Theft Auto V: new screenshots!

Not your usual rappelling
“Don’t look down, don’t look down, don’t look down…crap.”


Rockstar has released a few more screenshots to whet your appetite! Even though they still haven’t told us exactly when in Spring of this year we’ll be able to play this extremely top-notch game, I think all the screenshots and trailers we’ve seen the passing weeks proves it’s going to be worth the wait. If most of what we’ve seen are genuinely in-game, the attention to detail is proving to be staggering. Check out Grand Theft Auto V‘s official website for the rest of the released images and trailers!


Give it up, Pig!
I really hope that giving people the finger is a playable option!
GTA: V is heating up
Next time don’t park in the handicap zone!
A big mistake...
I don’t see a jet pack, so this goes right up to the top of the list of “bad getaway decisions”.
Sweet ride!
“Does this come with sidewinders?”