Beta sign ups go live for Final Fantasy XIV 2.0

That’s right, the time has finally come, Final Fantasy enthusiasts! You can now sign up for beta testing of Final Fantasy XIV 2.0 (aka A Realm Reborn) for your PC or Playstation 3. In fact, you can even apply for both consoles if you have a gaming PC capable of running it as well!

The process is very simple. Just visit the appropriate website for your region and fill out a small form (you will also be given a choice to fill out a survey as well, but this is totally optional), then bam. You’re done in a matter of seconds. If you’re selected, you will receive an e-mail notification in the future, but don’t worry… If you didn’t get into the first wave of invites, Square Enix has said they will be increasing the number of players with each wave, so keep your chin up!

Anyway, just visit the site below for your region and sign up if you’re interested in playing testing out this beautiful MMORPG. Just bear in mind, the testing phase will be free, but the game itself is a pay-to-play, subscription based title.

North America