Experience weirdness to the extreme when Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut makes its way to the PS3 in 2013

Remember when Deadly Premonition came out in 2010 for the 360, and everyone was like, “This game is so weird and fabulously strange, that more people need to experience it!” Publisher Rising Star Games has heard the call of the masses and is releasing Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut exclusively for the PS3 on April 15th in Europe. This horror adventure game is so cheesy and outlandish that it manages to be quite excellent and funny (though I wonder if it was supposed to be), and PS3 gamers are going to be treated to new content as they explore the open world of Greenvale. These include a brand new scenario from the game’s director, HD graphics, better controls so you can whoop monster booty PERFECTLY, and DLC that expands upon the original story.

When the original story had to do with Agent York investigating a gruesome murder with ghosts and a serial killer after him, you can bet I’m excited to see more of this crazy adventure (maybe we will finally learn what “FK in the coffee” means). A teaser trailer with various websites singing Deadly Premonition‘s praises can be seen below.

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