Crazy frantic fighting action game Anarchy Reigns out now in the U.S.

Anarchy Reigns is available in the U.S. as of today; a day I thought would never come… BUT AM SO HAPPY IT DID.

PlatinumGames’ creation offers 16 player multiplayer battles that will absolutely get out of hand, a freakishly tall bounty hunter with a chainsaw for a hand, mutants, and Cthulhu; so it’s basically the game the gods of Olympus would make. Anarchy Reigns offers robust single and multiplayer modes, and if you buy the limited Day One Edition you get 2 extra multiplayer modes and can use Bayonetta in any mode (I have a thing for sexy librarian glasses, so I am all over this).

The game is a steal at $30 and is available for the PS3 and 360 home consoles. For our Australian and European fans eager for bizarre chaotic action, don’t fret, because Anarchy Reigns will be out on January 10th for the land down under and January 11th across the pond. All important information, including videos, can be found at Sega’s site or over at PlatinumGames . Anarchy Reigns seems to be the multiplayer game to beat, and I’m glad I am getting the chance to finally wreak havoc on my friends with the most eclectic cast of characters ever created.

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