Fan-supported Dead Island Riptide Rigor Mortis Edition shambles to North America in April

Fans are such an awesome group of people, and never has this been more apparent than with their contributions to the upcoming zombie action RPG, Dead Island Riptide. Publisher Deep Silver announced the contents of the Special Edition version of the game, which were determined by thousands of entries from fans that are part of the Dead Island community and completed a survey back in the Fall of 2012. Pre-orders are being taken now on a first-come, first-serve basis throughout retailers in both of the Americas. For a whopping $80, gamers get a lot of cool stuff: a zombie hula girl bobble figure (sexy), a zombie arm bottle opener (perfect to give to unsuspecting relatives when they ask for a beer), and a wooden keychain complete with bungalow key (though it doesn’t specify which bungalow it unlocks; guess I’d better search THE WORLD OVER). This special Rigor Mortis Edition also comes with Dead Island Riptide, the sequel/spinoff to the original game, along with extra DLC and a digital map so you won’t get lost while fighting the hordes of the undead. All of this cool stuff is contained in a suitcase replicated from the original Dead Island, which I will use to travel places and get confused stares from airport security when they see all the zombie paraphernalia I’ve packed with me (damn those x-ray scanners!). Dead Island Riptide will allow players to import their characters from the first game, as they team up with friends to fight new and old types of zombies in this direct continuation, complete with a new character class and drivable boats (hopefully with chainsaws attached to the side). Dead Island Riptide will be available in North America on April 23rd, and more info on the game can be found at its website.

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