Stir up serious trouble with your bro when Serious Sam Double D XXL hits XBLA on February 20th

Only in indie games can you get a screenshot as magical as the one above. Serious Sam Double D, one of the 3 promotional indie games made for the Serious Sam franchise to celebrate Serious Sam 3: BFE, has been upgraded and beefed up to create the fancy new Serious Sam Double D XXL. Never-before-seen features have been added to the original hectic side-scroller, including new missions, weapons, and a co-op mode featuring Sam’s brother-in-arms, Dan “Huff” Huffington (he sounds just as badass). The Gunstacker from the original game returns (yes, you literally stack a multitude of guns on top of each other), only this time you have over 30 guns to combine together, so you can make a truly devastating, ridiculously tall weapon of mass destruction.

Serious Sam Double D XXL is set to hit the XBLA on February 20th, for 800 Microsoft Points (as a main title entry; developers Mommy’s Best Games are moving up from the indie scene!). Expect a bevy of achievements and a fully-featured leaderboard so you and your friends can see who is the most “serious” when you tackle the game’s challenge maps and main campaign. More info can be found at the game’s Facebook page here, and an amazingly disturbing Youtube trailer can be found below.

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