Dead Space 3 demo

After waiting patiently for 2 weeks, I finally got my hands on the Dead Space 3 demo. You won’t find the demo on XboxLive or the PlayStation Network until January 22nd, but if you really want to get your hands on it I’d suggest looking for an early access code online, they shouldn’t be too hard to come by.

I’m a HUGE Dead Space fan and the 16″ tall statue of Issac Clarke stomping a necromorph in my bedroom can attest to that. I’ve been pretty excited for Dead Space 3 to come out and usually I never get a demo for any game, but for Dead Space I make an exception. The story mode for the demo starts off right after Issac’s ship has crashed on Tau Voltanis, a planet that holds the key to stopping the Markers. After regaining consciousnesses, Issac heads out to try to find shelter from the blizzard like conditions and his fellow crew members.

I’d say the Story mode is about 20 minutes long and it doesn’t really show anything new. The entire demo is from parts of the game they have already shown, so nothing that happened really surprised me or scared me. This is also one of those “We want to make this a good experience so here’s a shitload of ammo, healthpacks, and weak enemies” demo, so don’t expect a challenge. You can play the demo with a friend and see the new Co-Op feature in Dead Space 3… Unfortunately I have no friends who like Dead Space so I’m shit out of luck.

Human opponents finally make their debut in Dead Space. The only ones I “fought” during the demo were already preoccupied with necromorphs, so taking them down was easy because the necromorphs did it for me. There are a few at the end of the demo you actually fight, but they are by far the easiest enemies in the history of Dead Space. One of the necromorphs, the head with tentacles, can attach itself to dead bodies and if the dead body had a gun in their hands, the new necromorph will try and shoot you… The key word is “try” because they suck at it. There is also a few new kinds of necromorphs that you will be facing, one that will transform depending on what limbs you shoot off, and another that is just plain fucking weird looking (Picture below).


My favorite part of the whole demo is the crafting room, a room where you are given most of the crafting parts and are free to test out all the guns you make. To be completely honest, the amount of parts you are given and the lack of sufficient information about each part makes crafting weapons confusing, at first, and forces you to test every single gun you make. You never actually know if the weapon you crafted is good or is useless until you test it out on some necromorphs. There is a button in the room that releases anywhere between 4-5 necrcomorphs of different varieties for you to shoot at. You have unlimited health, ammo, and stasis so you don’t have to worry about any of that.

You’ll spend a good amount of time here and when you finally got your weapon of choice (Mine was a ChainGun with a Flamethrower attached.) figured out you can save the blueprint for the singleplayer game. I already have a good feeling that finding all of the attachments in Dead Space 3 will be an extremely difficult task and force you to make them yourself out of the scrap metal and other items you find, but it costs a lot to do.

Overall, it’s a pretty fun demo, but it really doesn’t show anything that we haven’t seen already. If there was any reason to get this demo, it would be to try out the crafting room because it’s awesome and so you can know what the fuck you are doing before you get into the real game. Dead Space 3 comes out February 5th in North America and February 8th in Europe.