New avatar options available for the 360 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Mega Man

Flashman Studios has announced and released today what all the fans have been waiting for, the Mega Man 25th Anniversary Collection. Having been around since 1987, Capcom’s Mega Man has fought countless robots created by the evil Dr. Wily in order to achieve peace and harmony in a world where robots and humans live together. What better way to celebrate this momentous celebration than with clothes for your 360 avatar. The full list of options available are:

7 Avatar outfits – select between our hero Mega Man and the original 6 robot masters from his first adventure: Elec Man, Bomb Man, Guts Man, Ice Man, Fire Man, and Cut Man.

Mega Man Helmet – the iconic headgear of Mega Man, smelly after these 25 years (though he could take it off in Mega Man 9).

Mega Man’s Mega Buster Prop – Mega Man’s trusty arm cannon, complete with animations of classic moves (NERF BULLETS).

8-bit Mega Man T-shirt – a stylish shirt depicting the EXACT WAY Mega Man should always go through boss doors.

Mega Man 25th Anniversary T-shirt – shows off the ecstatic 8-bit face of our hero.

Check out an over-the-top trailer showing off these items below.

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