Ron Gilbert’s The Cave to release next week on 360, PS3, and Steam

SEGA Europe and SEGA of America Inc., along with developer Double Fine Productions, have announced that the eagerly anticipated adventure game The Cave will be available next week for a variety of platforms. Created by the one and only Ron Gilbert, inventor of the awesome Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion (hamsters in microwaves FTW), along with his team at Double Fine Productions (makers of underrated gems Psychonauts and Brutal Legend), The Cave tells the tale of various adventurers who delve into a mysterious cave FOR REASONS. Players can assemble a team of 3 from 7 individuals, each with their own personalities and stories to unravel (I like the robot and creepy children the best). Fun locations like an amusement park, a castle, and a nuclear missile guarantee I will be checking this one out.

The Cave will be out on January 22nd for the PSN in North America for $15 (January 23rd for Europe). XBLA and Steam will be receiving the adventure game on the 23rd in all territories, for 1200 Microsoft Points and $15, respectively. The release date and pricing info for the Wii U’s eShop version will be announced soon, so hold tight, Nintendo fans.

For more information, visit the game’s website here, and check out the debut trailer below. The Cave won Game Informer’s Best Adventure Game of E3 2012 award, and I am eager to find out why!

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