The MarioKart 7 Game Is Perfect For The Nintendo 3DS

MarioKart is one of Nintendo’s best known and best loved titles, and several versions of the game have appeared on the company’s various consoles. The most recent version is MarioKart 7, which is exclusively available for the hand-held 3DS and 3DS XL consoles. It has been an enormous success, with many retailers selling out initially, and there is no question that there is a huge demand for the MarioKart game now with Tesco.

Aside from being the first MarioKart game to be playable in 3D, MarioKart 7 also offers gamers a variety of new and exciting features. Of course, the fun gameplay that made the MarioKart series so popular is still present, but there are several notable improvements and enhancements. Karts are equipped to race on land, in the air, or underwater, and can be controlled using the circle pad or the 3DS’ built in gyroscope technology. They can be customised by the gamer, and upgrades can be unlocked and purchased using coins collected during races.

The cleverly designed racetracks play a big part in the attraction of MarioKart games, and this version is no different. The game features sixteen classic courses, including Luigi’s Mansion from the DS version, and sixteen new courses. There are also new playable characters, including Metal Mario from Super Mario 64, although they have to be unlocked. Gamers can also choose to play as their Mii characters if they win all of the cups in any engine class.

The gameplay in MarioKart 7 is as frantic as in previous versions, and there are three new power ups to unleash. The Super Leaf at the back of the kart is good for getting rid of rivals who are following too closely, the Fire Flower uses balls of fire to cause a lot of damage, and the Lucky Seven produces seven items rotating around the racer’s kart.

MarioKart 7 features single player and multiplayer options. The familiar time trial and grand prix modes are available to single players, but for added fun multiplayer games can be played using a wi-fi Internet connection. The game’s brand new community feature allows races to be easily set up between competitors around the world. Another new feature is StreetPass and SpotPass, which allow data such as record times and trophies to be easily transferred between consoles. As a result of these features playing MarioKart is now an incredibly social experience.

The different game modes, the number of racetracks, and the level of customisation available means that MarioKart 7 provides many hours of gameplay. It features a first person perspective racing option that has never been available before in a MarioKart game, and its crisp, clear 3D graphics highlight the fact that this is very definitely a next generation version of the classic game.