More Neverwinter screenshots! Great Weapon Fighter class revealed!

Neverwinter character customization

The developers of the new Neverwinter MMO have posted some new screenshots from their developer blog. The new images show off some armor sets that can be tailored to your playing style, giving you more options even with class-bound armors. You can find those screenshots in the link below.

Great Weapon Fighter

Look at that sword!

The developers have also posted some screenshots showing off the ‘Great Weapon Fighter’, a class whose main role is damage dealer and secondary defender. The class has two main attacks: the ‘Wicked Strike’, which deals moderate damage to foes, and the ‘ Reaping Strike’, a weapon attack that allows you to charge up your attack before unleashing it on your target. This looks like a super powerful attack, and the video reveal of the character class shows off some nice effects when you blow apart a skeleton with this sword swing. Players will be able to unlock other abilities like the ‘Spinning Strike’, which basically sends you into a whirlwind attack, dealing damage to enemies surrounding you.

Perfect World looks to be doing things right with this game from what I have seen, and these new details have me excited to play the Neverwinter beta when it becomes available. Does The Elder Scrolls Online have some competition on their hands? Sound off in the comments section below.

Character customization screenshots
Great Weapon Fighter reveal