Heavy Rain composer Normand Corbeil has passed.


Though this is not the typical news we at TVGB like to bring you, I feel that this one deserves notice. And sadly, it happened a couple days ago. Normand Corbeil has passed away from Stage IV Pancreatic Cancer, as reported by a man on The Cancer Forums—user: Orly82—that says he is his son. Corbeil died on the 25th this January 2013, and was born on April 6th, 1956 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Normand has been working hard since 1987 on films and games, giving all of us moving pieces of music including some work on the upcoming game with Ellen Page entitled Beyond: Two Souls. He has an extensive list of works I encourage you to explore. And for any of you—like myself—who only just experienced the strength of his composition playing Heavy Rain as you dragged yourself through glass, experienced the terror of losing your son, committed cold murder, and cut off your own finger while falling under the power of the music you probably didn’t even realize was effecting you, I encourage you to support his family and seek out more of his works.

“The Marriage of the music and the moving image is perhaps the most powerful form of communication that exists. I am deeply grateful for Normand’s sensitive and deeply committed contribution to my film.”

–Norman Jewison