Prepare to be birthed anew with Muramasa Rebirth for the Playstation Vita

If you loved the original Muramasa: The Demon Blade on the Wii, but always asked yourself, “Will I ever be able to play this on the commode?,” then you don’t have to worry anymore! Aksys Games announced today that they will be publishing Muramasa Rebirth; a PlayStation Vita port of the original, this handheld version has been enhanced in many ways over its console brother. In addition to better controls and a complete re-localization in English, Muramasa Rebirth will have:

Two Unique Stories – players will be able to control Momohime, the demon-possessed princess, on her journey to the West as she slices her way through all the monsters in her path (wouldn’t her being possessed by a demon stop her from KILLING demons?). Gamers can also choose to play as Kisuke, a ninja who has no recollection of his past and is traveling East in order to acquire the demon blades (how will these two protagonists ever meet if they are traveling in separate directions?!).

Hi-resolution Graphics – hand-drawn graphics and artistic styling combine with the Vita’s OLED graphics; exploding and splattering to create a beautiful world on your Vita’s screen.

108 Blades – forge and acquire an impressive amount of swords (aka SlicyMcStabStabs). Each blade has its own special ability, so you are going to want to find all 108 of them (GOTTA STAB THEM ALL!).

Additional DLC Characters – 4 additional stories with different playable characters will be available for purchase.

Visit the main Muramasa Rebirth page here for the latest information and news. I find ancient Japan, ghosts, samurais, and ninjas to be very interesting and fascinating subjects; since Muramasa Rebirth has all that and more, I might need to purchase a Vita!

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