Neverwinter Founder’s Pack trailer and screenshots

For those wanting to get in on Neverwinter with some early Beta access and other perks, Perfect World Entertainment is offering up the Hero of the North Founder’s Pack. This uber pack features a bunch of stuff, so let’s break it down:

•    Five-day head start access to Neverwinter Open Beta
•    Beta Weekend Friend Invite code
•    Exclusive access to ‘Menzoberranzan Renegade’, a drow playable race like the legendary ranger Drizzt Do’Urden, complete with unique racial abilities and tattoo
•    Unique ‘Armored Spider’ mount
•    Unique ‘Panther Companion’
•    In-game title and forum ‘Hero of the North’ title
•    VIP Game Access to skip-the-line and get priority log-in access

Pretty sweet, right? So how much will this Founder’s Pack set you back? My guess would have been basically the cost of buying a brand new game, which is like $60. The Hero of the North Founder’s Pack sells for $199.99! Shocked? You should be. But those dedicated to the game may be willing to pay, and if you have the money to sink that into this game, more power to you.

But you don’t have to sink your grocery money for the month into Neverwinter if you want some goodies to go with your free-to-play. The Guardians of Neverwinter Pack runs you $60, and the Neverwinter Starter Pack costs $20. Details on all these packs can be found at

Menzoberranzan Renegade

We also have some screenshots that show off all that you get with the Founder’s Pack.
Hero of the North Founder’s Pack screenshots

Will you be paying for any of these packs? Are they worth it? Let us know in the comments sections below.