Kadokawa Games announces tentative release date and global publishers for stylish Killer is Dead

The Killer is Dead information train just keeps on coming (its tracks are circular because gamers just want MORE AND MORE).

We’ve seen screenshots and trailers and gotten story info, but now some solid details on publishers and a release date for the “killer” title have been revealed. Kadokawa Games are helping Grasshopper Manufacture and executive director Suda51 (aka CRAZY GENIUS) with development duties (they have in the past with the sexy Lollipop Chainsaw).

Kadokawa Games announced today that they are hooking up with publisher XSEED Games to bring Killer is Dead to North America; XSEED Games published the Wii’s The Last Story in the States and is bringing Pandora’s Tower to North America as well, so I for one am ecstatic that such a passionate publisher is taking the reigns to bring something as stylish and unique as Killer is Dead stateside.

Kadokawa Games are joining with the game division of Koch Media, Deep Silver, to bring Killer is Dead to Europe and Oceania. Killer is Dead is expected to have a worldwide release in Summer 2013, for both the 360 and PS3. More information on the No More Heroes successor can be found here. I am eagerly awaiting its arrival!

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