Sacred Citadel

Deep Silver has released an update about the RPG aspects in Sacred Citadel as Southend Interactive continues its development.  Already boasting unique weapon combinations, mounts, towns, and a variety of combat abilities, Sacred Citadel will  bring new depth and meaning to the arcade side-scrolling mechanics. And now it introduces the option to battle with up to three characters out of a total of four (Khukuri Shaman, Ancarian Ranger, Safiri Warrior, and a secret character yet-to-be-revealed), promising that all characters can be leveled up during the progress of the game. This development plays into a major selling point for the co-op experience as the way you choose to develop one character plays into that character’s role in the group. So specialization is an aspect of Sacred Citadel, but remember that you can customize weapon combinations to allow for a wide range of abilities and skills. In other words, though you do have to pick and choose on some occasions, Sacred Citadel will grant you a massive amount of freedom to play however you want.

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