The Witcher 3: a fresh round of in-game screenshots and details!

Today, CD projekt RED gave us some new images for the last installment in Geralt’s trilogy! And before you can even start complaining, these images are from an early version of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt as their team develops the new renderer that will be used in the final game. And in case you’re already concerned about how lackluster the images are from Geralt’s location, relax on that one too. These are from the frozen islands of Skellige—think of the Vikings, as you’ll see in pictures below—one of the many places we’ll soon be traversing.

The Witcher 3 continues the promise of high-impact rewards and consequences with gamer decisions, and the storyline will also eliminate allies and create enemies as with the last two games. Adam Badowski—that surname is so cool it sounds made up!—promises that with the new format they’ve gone with for Witcher 3 there’s going to be “extensive replay value”. The main narrative still revolves around Geralt searching for his loved ones and the “Wild Hunt” that eludes, attracts, and haunts him.

The thing I’m most excited about with the information CD projekt RED gave us is that the environment will now also be effected by your decisions. Much like in the Fable series, it sounds like your surroundings will morph for good or worse. And these environments? Badowski promises that they’re going to be 30 times larger than Witcher 2. I’m excited about the screenshots that look like you’ll be able to sail the seas to different areas! Between the main narrative—50 hours—and the additional stories and sidequests—an additional 50 hours—you’re going to see massive and random changes to each continent you war and visit, creating a unique and nonlinear storyline, the likes of which we may not have yet experienced!

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is slated to be on all major “high-end platforms, including PS4” sometime in the year 2014. We promise to bring you more as it’s given to us! Are you excited? I am! I’m more than halfway through my third run with Assassins of Kings as of tonight!