Theme Park Studio update

Remember this article I wrote about the upcoming videogame, Theme Park Studio? No? I see how it is. Go ahead and check it out now and then come back.

Good to go? Alright. Now they’ve released even more information to us about their revolutionary “Animation Mode” (as pictured above). This new Animation Mode will let the players create their own “flat ride” to put in their theme park. Everything is truly customizable. What I love about it is that no two theme parks will look the same. This is like RollerCoaster Tycoon maximized above and beyond. The graphics are more realistic. The possibilities are endless. Worried about only having 5 rides to work with? Try an unlimited number of rides. When I buy it, I’m going to make a motorized turtle ride. Why? Because I want to. Don’t judge me.

If you were a fan of that game (who wasn’t?), be sure to check out Theme Park Studio on it’s Facebook page here, or over on their homepage. The best thing about it? No overweight men in tank tops, and especially, no lines of grumpy people waiting to take a ride!

If you want to see the Animation Mode in all of its amazing glory, watch the YouTube video below. If you needed any other reason to buy this game when it’s released this summer, this is it.

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