Details GORELORE on pre-order bonuses for upcoming Dead Island Riptide

Publisher Deep Silver has released an abundance of information regarding the two DLC packs for gamers who pre-order their next zombie adventure, Dead Island Riptide. The first pre-order DLC pack, entitled The Survivor Pack, includes:

– The BBQ Blade: this exclusive in-game weapon (don’t let the picture fool you, IT ISN’T REAL *sobs uncontrollably for what might have been*) is a blade modified with some workbench expertise to include fuel tanks, presumably to make it a BADASS FLAME SWORD (so you can light zombies on fire AND dismember them at the same time!).

– XP/Stats Boost: perfect for leveling up faster than your friends and laughing at them while you surpass them in might!

– Special Shop: a unique shop where players get discounts on various weapons and items!

The second, smaller DLC pack, called the Fashion Victim Pack, contains:

– Skins (as in outfits and not bits of flesh): customize your five characters with new duds in co-op mode (this includes Logan, Purna, Sam B., Xian Mei, and “new guy” John Morgan).

Please note that the Fashion Victim Pack is only available through GAME Ltd if you live in the UK.

These two packs will be redeemable through Windows, Xbox LIVE, and the PlayStation Store. Gamers can also download the packs individually once Dead Island Riptide releases: 400 Microsoft Points ($5) for The Survivor Pack and 160 Microsoft Points ($2) for the Fashion Victim Pack.

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