Dungeonland character class videos show you how to kick ass with any class

So you have been hacking and slashing your way through Dungeonland for PC when you decide you want to switch classes. No matter how much you love your Warrior, you are thinking that the Mage would be fun to destroy some baddies with as well. Or maybe the Rogue class is more your cup of tea?

Well, your curiosity can now be piqued with a smattering of character class videos for Dungeonland. Paradox Interactive has posted a playlist of the videos on their YouTube Channel, each narrated by the character themselves! If you are feeling lazy, you can find these videos posted below.

As an added bonus, the Grimoire Pack DLC is now available for download. Originally offered only to early adopters of Dungeonland, you can snag it now for $2.99. Players who are taking charge in the Dungeon Maestro mode can now choose from five new spells, as well as access to new traits and possession abilities.

Want more information on Dungeonland? Want to pick up the new DLC? Then head over to www.dungeonlandgame.com.