NGames reveals Tales of Laputa

NGames has introduced Tales of Laputa, a new web RPG for 2013, to the gaming world. Its story focuses on The City of Sky, that 500 years ago was controlled by demons, who ruled the land from the skies. As the demons’ power increased the land under their rule spread skyward, bringing humans closer to the paradise of sunshine and energy that the demons resided in. In response, the demons summoned unimaginable monsters that brought destruction to the humans and the continent. Only a few humans survived, and those that remained were indeed lucky when they met the God of Morias.

The God of Morias taught the survivors how to defeat the demons, and after a difficult struggle the humans were finally able to banish the demons. Impressed by their fortitude, will, and hard work the God of Morias handed over control of the new Laputa to a select group of survivors who were given the name “The Order.”

Now, it has been 500 years since the collapse of the demon empire and a new threat has arrived.  A mysterious group of Bandits threaten to overthrow the continent. As a member of “The Order”, gamers must battle the Bandits, while discovering the oldest origins of Laputa. With a good story to set the tone and setting for the RPG gameplay and fun anime elements, Tales of Laputa will throw gamers into an exciting world of magic and machinery.

More info can be found on the Tales of Laputa Facebook Fanpage: