Grab your overcoat and prepare for extreme cold; Lost Planet 3 set to hit consoles and PCs in June

It is so, so very cold and windy in Brooklyn at the moment, so what better time for Capcom to announce that their frosty adventure Lost Planet 3 is set to hit North America on June 25th and Europe on June 28th, for PC, PS3, and 360. Though this is the third game in the Lost Planet series, Lost Planet 3 is a prequel and describes events prior to the other two games in the series.

Here is some background information for those who are interested (slight spoilers ahead!): Gamers take on the role of Jim Peyton, a family man just looking to make some cash on Planet E.D.N. III by tapping into its energy supply for his employers. Jim gets attacked by the fearsome Akrid during one of his missions (not only is E.D.N. III BRUTALLY COLD, but it is the home of horrible mutant monsters) and falls down a fissure, leaving him stranded and unconscious. He awakens in a secret base under the ice (if this was a Disney film, Under the Ice Because the Dreaded Akrid Trapped Me Here would make a great musical counterpart to Under the Sea) and discovers he has been rescued by the daughter of the planet’s resident Snow Pirate leader, who views him as a threat to his colony. Clearly there is a mystery to unravel as to who the Snow Pirates are, what Jim’s company is really doing on E.D.N. III, and who to trust (sounds like a snowy Avatar to me!).

For more CHILLY details, including upcoming pre-order information, check with your local retailers and keep on eye on Lost Planet 3‘s Facebook page. An awesome cinematic trailer awaits you below!

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