Age of Wushu: new screenshots of weapon use!

With the April 10th, 2013 United States release date still far away and the Beta officially closed, this is the first news we’ve seen since the end of last year. This isn’t your typical Persistent Online RPG, it’s rated M for all the sexual themes, blood, alcohol use, and violence you’d get from console and high-end online games. Wushu is already huge in China and Jet Li is the official spokesperson for the game, if that gives you any idea of what Snail Games is attempting to accomplish with this FTP.

Age of Wushu has several ways you can level-build with your character—and might I add Snail is promising no class restrictions on weapons—and plenty of areas to explore. Strategy and placement is key to this game of battlefields and when you’re not on the field, even the way you meditate can help boost your experience points. This weekend, they released more information on the weapons you’ll be using as well as new images.


You’ll be using ten different weapons—including your hands—to pulverize your way through Wushu, and Snail Games wants you looking good while doing it. The kind of weapon you’re seen carrying—or not seen carrying—can greatly impact how other players approach you, it’s self-projection and allows you to switch up your fighting style based on who you’re facing. I love it!

Check out the weapons update to look at the newest blades and get more information on what Age of Wushu will be offering in several weeks. And you might want to consider purchasing the Deluxe Edition. For $19.99 the benefits will more than double your money’s worth! With it, you’ll get:

–60 days of VIP access—Log off and your character lives on. Gain experience, earn money, and more—all while you are away from the game.

–Almost $15 worth of Virtual Items and upgrades to fortify your character.

–Full access to the second Closed Beta of Age of Wushu.

–Special events and sweepstakes just for Deluxe Edition members.