The Role Playing Company working on Realms of Arkania – Blade of Destiny and Nights and Candles

UIG Entertainment has announced their new label, The Role Playing Company, which will focus on creating RPGs that mimic the style of classic games, as well as, remaking some of the most famous titles in the RPG genre.

Its initial project is the remake of Realms of Arkania – Blade of Destiny set for this year, which will be followed by a new title, Nights & Candles, developed by Atmosphere Entertainment Studios. Nights & Candles develops its story in the town of Candlewind, which has recently been covered in shadow. To save the town from the monsters that pour from the shadows, a group of heroes join together and head to the Frost Mountains in search of a relic.

With two promising titles to begin with, The Role Playing Company will definitely gain a dedicated following of RPG lovers. And for all the classical RPG lovers, rejoice, because in the words of Stefan Berger, Head of Business Development at UIG,”we are doing this for [you].”