Wildfire Worlds: The world’s first riot simulator

Indie developer Dot Product has released alpha footage of their riot simulator Wildfire Worlds. Appropriately dubbed by its developer as ‘SimRiot’, this game looks to take to the city builder genre and flip it upside down. The footage shows cute little paper cutout cities that looks like it could be a SimCity-styled city builder, until the fires and riots break out. Your task is to control riots with precision and strategy to take down cities by watching them burn! The GUI shows property damage, people dead, and vehicles destroyed, so it looks like you need to do all the damage you can with your activists.

Your riots, however, won’t go unnoticed. Police will beat you down, firefighters will work to put out the fires, and medics will attempt to turn your rioters back into civilized paper individuals. That’s why you have to take them out too! After all is ravaged and left burning, the cities will eventually be reclaimed by nature. It appears that once this happens, people will be back to rebuild and repopulate, giving you a whole new city to lay siege to. So there really is no ‘Game Over’ to Wildfire Worlds.

Check out the alpha footage below and maybe you too will find yourself laughing at the little paper rioters yelling, “Bullshit! Bullshit!” You can find more info on the PC/Mac game at wildfireworlds.com.