Prepare for a rude awakening; Dead Space 3 Awakened DLC is now available

Just when you thought you were done with all the horror, IT PULLS YOU BACK IN. Visceral Games announced today that the digital expansion for Dead Space 3, called Dead Space 3 Awakened, is now available in single and co-op flavors for the 360, PS3, and PC. In it, continuously tormented protagonist Isaac Clarke and new partner John Carver must complete some very basic, simple tasks: get off of the planet Tau Volantis, repair their ship, the Terra Nova, and get back to Earth, all while Isaac suffers from terrifying hallucinations.

Steve Papoutsis, Vice President and General Manager of Visceral Games and Executive Producer on Dead Space 3, had this to say on the expansion (presumably giggling with glee about how to further torment poor Isaac): “Dead Space 3 Awakened is some of the most creative and unsettling content the team has ever created — it’s really going to test gamers’ psyche. We’ve put Isaac and now Carver through a lot in the franchise, but these seasoned vets are experts when it comes to taking down the terror. We can’t wait to see who is brave enough to venture further into the horrors that lie within Awakened.”

Dead Space 3 Awakened picks up right where Dead Space 3 left off (SPOILERS): Isaac and John have been left for dead on Tau Volantis and must escape and head back home. The only problem is that the Necromorphs aren’t done trying to kill them, and the cherry on top of this “We Are Fucked” pastry is Isaac’s madness is setting in: he starts seeing the Unitologists and other hallucinations (which is very conducive to a healthy partnership with John), and the two men realize they can no longer trust each other, but also need each other to survive (CONUNDRUM).

Dead Space 3 Awakened is available THIS VERY SECOND on the PSN in North America and worldwide on for $10, and on the LIVE Marketplace for 800 Microsoft Points. The pack will be purchasable for PSN users in Europe tomorrow. More info on Dead Space 3 can be found on the game’s Twitter, Facebook page, and website. Check out the pants-shitting trailer below.

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