Did you heart that Zach? Deadly Premonition just got it’s own official website!

The cult classic, Deadly Premonition, has just received it’s own official website for its updated director’s cut.

The original game released back in 2010, and split the gaming community directly down the middle. While some derided the game’s PS2-era graphics, clunky gameplay, and weird design choices, others heaped praise onto the piece, loving it for it’s obvious attention to detail, strong storyline, and immense respect towards all things Twin Peaks. The game was bathed in references to the show of old, and embraced both it’s mysterious, otherworldly nature and bizarre humor.

With Deadly Premontion: Director’s Cut SWERY, (The creator of the game.) hopes to retain these beloved elements, while improving upon the gameplay and giving the graphics a much needed overhaul. Additional side-quests will be added, and perhaps we won’t have to spend upwards of an hour driving back and forth through the town of Greenvale!

By the way, Zach, if you haven’t seen Twin Peaks, it’s a classic early 1990’s television show that simultaneously spoofed and embraced the soap-opera formula while exploring the dark underbelly of small town America. You should definitely check it out Zach! And while you’re at it, have a damn fine cup of coffee! Who knows, you might get your fortune told.

Oh Zach, we’re not that much like crazy Coop, are we?