New screenshots for Lightning Returns!


So after everything went to hell with Chaos at the end of Final Fantasy XIII, Lightning wakes up several hundred years later in Nova Chrysalia to the aftermath. She has thirteen days to finish her quest, and from the look of things, she’s alone. There are four regions completely devoid of hope that she has to traverse, and today, Square Enix has given us images from Dead Dunes.

Even if you didn’t like the first or second installation of FFXIII, these images have to at least give you hope! It looks like the world has finally opened up, and there just might be a chance to explore. The soil itself is saturated from the sickness of Chaos, and everyone you’re going to meet is distraught and down. Can Square Enix finally bring this story to a close? Is it even going to be worth it? Visit Lightning Returns for more details. And here’s the extended “first look” trailer from January in case you missed it!