Persona 4 Arena set to hit Europe May 10th; succulent pre-order goodies detailed

It sure has been a long wait for Europeans interested in Persona 4 Arena. The fighter, available in America and Japan since 2012, is finally set to hit Europe on May 10th, for the 360 and PS3. Good things come to those who wait and have sexy accents, however; gamers who pre-order Persona 4 Arena will be granted exclusive access to a Limited Edition bonus content pack. This pack includes the Official Arranged Soundtrack to the title, unique artwork, and a Digital Fan Pack, which sounds like images for use with social media (I’d love to spam my friends’ Walls with pictures of terrifying clown/bear hybrid Teddie!). All these bonus materials are limited ONLY to pre-order customers, no matter how much you beg post-launch.

Persona 4 Arena is the direct sequel to Persona 4, which is strange considering it is a fighting game continuation of an RPG. It is the love child of ATLUS and Arc System Works, and has the beautiful 2-D artwork and fantastic storytelling you have come to expect from the makers of Guilty Gear. Here is a quick rundown of Persona 4 Arena‘s features:

– 13 eccentric characters who each have a unique story and reasons for kicking the crap out of each other.

– A Story Mode with over 30 hours of gameplay which picks up directly after the events of the enhanced PS Vita port, Persona 4 Golden.

– A crazy fighting system where players fight with their characters and their individual Personas AT THE SAME TIME (hopefully it won’t get as hectic as Super Smash Bros. Brawl does, with the colors and the explosions and the what-have-yous).

– An easy to use and learn combo system and multiple tutorials and challenges, just like any excellent fighting game should have!

I absolutely adore fighting games and have never played Persona 4 Arena, mostly because I never played its RPG prequel. I can probably pick it up for cheap now, and I had forgotten that it is made by my Guilty Gear peeps! More info on Persona 4 Arena can be found at its website.

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