Super Metroid Symphony is now available for purchase!

The Blake Robinson Synthetic Orchestra has officially released its carefully orchestrated album, featuring every single in-game song from Super Metroid. That’s 30 tracks in 60 minutes, lasting from the beginning scene to the last note in the credits. Building on Kenji Yamamoto and Minako Hamano’s original soundtrack, The Synthetic Orchestra has painstakingly recreated the songs with their virtual orchestra and promises to deliver a symphonic homage to the classic game.

The release of Super Metroid Symphony coincides with the 19th anniversary of Super Metroid, and is available on Loudr, iTunes, and the soundtrack’s site. If you like what you hear, you can visit Blake Robinson’s official page to hear original compositions as well as more video game soundtracks (Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy IV anyone?). Below is the entire track listing from Super Metroid Symphony in addition to the trailer!

1.    Science Academy Research Station
2.    The Super Metroid Prologue
3.    Deserted Ceres Space Colony
4.    Ridley – Draygon Encounter
5.    To Planet Zebes
6.    Arrival on Crateria
7.    Beneath Crateria
8.    The Space Pirates Emerge
9.    Overgrown with Vegetation
10.    Spore Spawn – Botwoon Encounter
11.    Inside the Item Room
12.    The Red Soil Swamp of Brinstar
13.    Hostile Incoming
14.    Kraid – Crocomire – Phantoon Encounter
15.    Burning in the Fires of Zebes
16.    Theme of Samus Aran, Space Warrior
17.    The Quiet, Wrecked Ship
18.    Powering on the Lost Vessel
19.    Maridia’s Rocky Underground Water
20.    Quicksand underneath Maridia
21.    Norfair’s Ancient Ruins
22.    Chozo Statue Awakens
23.    Continue
24.    The Mysterious Statue Chamber
25.    Tourian – The Rebuilt Headquarters
26.    Mother Brain – The Final Battle
27.    Immediate Evacuatation
28.    The end of Planet Zebes
29.    Credits
30.    Finale