Publisher Survey findings

Game Connection and Sherpa Games have announced today the results of a Publisher Survey they conducted between January and February 2013. The survey involved 130 different publishers including Microsoft, Sony, Computer Entertainment America, Tencent, Zynga and Nintendo of America and it was a survey about their target markets, business models and, how they review games submissions from developers.

In the survey they found that a lot of the larger publishers are now putting more effort and funding into making iOS and Android games. The survey also found that the most popular business model in practice today is one that financially involves the developer – meaning that a game’s development expense is backed fully by the developer or is funded partially by the publisher, 7 out of 10 publishers prefer this business model

Other interesting findings are:

  • On average, publishers release 36 games per year developed by third-party development studios.
  • 25% of publishers prefer a free to play business model and that 2/3 of the publishers expect that Business Models to evolve in the near future.
  • More than half of responding publishers release games on iOS and Android phones and tablets.
  • Among consoles, PS3 and Xbox are preferred by 30% of publishers.
  • More than 50% of publishers indicate they will begin publishing games for iOS and Android markets or greatly increase the number of games published on iOS and Android.