PlanetSide 2’s battlegrounds are now fully updated with PhysX!

Now that's a portal!

As if PlanetSide 2 wasn’t already as fun is it is, Sony has decided to ramp up the reason for you to try this free-to-play! Ten years ago, PlanetSide offered unique and engaging real-time FPS field combat, in a world filled with thousands of players. At the time it was one-of-a-kind with incredible fighting on foot, in the air, and strategic infantry columns. With PlanetSide 2‘s release this past November, who would have thought you could already be given the opportunity to enhance your experience?

There are already up to 2,000 players signed-on per area, and the combat is intense and engrossing. Now, Sony is giving everyone a chance to feel the need to wipe the dirt and electrical ash from our faces. PhysX is a hardware-acceleration program designed to increase realism in destruction and particle recognition to help immerse you into the field. And while some people–with older PC’s–might experience some lag with it turned on when the combat area turns hot, most of us will be able to fully enjoy this feature and watch as the ground and objects collide.

To get an idea of the difference between the two, the official trailer is below. Visit PlanetSide 2 and see why people all over the world are signing up for this “massively multiplayer” game!