SO VERY COLD! Siberian Strike single player DLC set to hit Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 this Wednesday

Put on that warm overcoat, because things are about to get chilly! Publisher and developer CI Games has announced Siberian Strike, an upcoming single player DLC pack for their snipy shooter, Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2. Siberian Strike is set in an isolated location in frosty Siberia and has a more open world for solving missions (it’s like a snowy GTA!).

Players will not be guided by onscreen prompts and will instead have to rely on their map to find their way around (old school AND hardcore). Players will take on the role of Cole “Sandman” Anderson, a veteran sniper in the ranks of Task 121 (a.k.a. the baddest badasses who will beat the asses of any WMD-wielding ass who messes with them), as he explores the abandoned city of Birsovik. Cole’s mission is to find one M. Diaz, a CIA operative who was sent to Birsovik undercover all super sneaky-like to gather information as a lab assistant about possible weapons of mass destruction being developed. Cole must find Diaz’s signal, assess the situation on foot, and extract any information that he finds, before he chills out FOREVER.

Siberian Strike will be available this Wednesday, on XBL for 800 Microsoft Points and on Steam and PSN for $10. More information can be obtained at the game’s website.

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