Conquer Bioshock Infinite with the new BradyGames strategy guides

Bioshock Infinite came out today (I am still waiting for my Premium Edition from Amazon, GRRRR!), and so did some amazing books along with it! BradyGames has released two editions of their Bioshock Infinite Strategy Guides, for gamers who want that extra edge with helping Booker rescue Elizabeth. Here is a rundown of the two editions of the strategy guides:

Signature Series Contains: – a foreword by Creative Director and sexiest man alive, Ken Levine.

– An in-depth walkthrough of Bioshock Infinite, spoiler-free and highlighting every item Booker can collect on his journey.

– Illustrated maps that show every Vigor, vending machine, and piece of gear so players can get 100% completion and a sense of entitlement.

– Strategies and tactics for every enemy in the game, including strengths and weaknesses (my guess is every Motorized Patriot is allergic to water).

– All the data and information you can handle about Bioshock Infinite‘s various guns and Vigors.

– Supplemental information straight from the staff at Irrational Games, images, transcriptions of every Voxophone, and how to unlock every Achievement and Trophy.

Limited Edition Contains: – a 4 inch metal replica of the game’s iconic Freedom Key.

– An exclusive action card for the upcoming Bioshock Infinite board game.

– Everything the Signature Series has, all wrapped up in a deluxe hard cover with the scariest bird known to man on the front cover.

The Signature Series is around $23 and 272 pages, while the Limited Edition is around $30 and THE EXACT SAME AMOUNT OF PAGES. You can order either one soon at BradyGames’ website or now through Amazon. Bioshock Infinite is now available on the PS3, PC, and 360.

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